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Life Balance with Laurie

Helping you achieve balance from within!

                     800 Horace Street

                  Regina, Saskatchewan

This is How You Could

Earn a 1,852%

Return on Your Investment


Be healthy and wealthy!! How much does your health affect your pocketbook?

What if you could earn money from being healthy?

If you are interested in taking your

financial portfolio to another level,

read on.


$140 – 1 Month                                                     140.00

 (100.00 PV product + 40.00 starter kit)

$100 – months 2-12                                           1,100.00

Total for one year                                            $1,240.00

Lets compare 3 investment Choices:

A.     Stock Market with a 14% return

        $1,240.00 x 1.14 = $1,413.60 for one year

                                                             Saving to Make Money

                                        Actual Investment Earnings - $173.60

B.     Mutual Funds with a 7% return

        $1,240.00 x 1.07 = $1,326.80 for one year

                                                             Saving to Make Money

                                        Actual Investment Earnings - $ 86.80

C.     Young Living – one year period return is 1,852%

        ($24,200 - $1,240) / $1,240 =18.516 x 100 = 1,852%

                                                            Spending to Make Money

                                         Actual Investment Earnings - $ 86.80

At 14% return in the stock market, one years’ earnings of $1,240.00 would take approx. 23 years compounding to reach $24,200.00

At 7% return in mutual funds, one years’ earnings of

$1, 240.00 would take approx. 44 years compounding to reach $24,200.00

It is possible with Young Living to make this & more in ONE YEAR!!!

Hear is how we make a 1,852% return with a Young Living Investment.

With the BONUSES given by Young Living:

1 month                    $         265.00

2 month                              935.00

3 month                            2,300.00

4 – 12 months                20,700.00

(2,300.00 x 9 mo.)                                  

Total                         $    24,200.00/year

To break this down further:

Month One:

     Sponsor six people to become YL product users who invest $140.00 (100.00 PV product + 40.00 starter kit), go on autoship the 1 month & spend $100.00 or more each month thereafter continuing on autoship.

6 people x $100 PV = $600 x 25% = $150.00 STAR PERFORMANCE BONUS

Total Starter Bonuses                $150.00

Team Captain Bonus                     100.00

Unilevel Commission                       15.00

(6 people x $100 x 2-1/2%)                     

(% of group sales)                                   

Grand Total         $265.00

Month Two:

Teach at least two of these six product users to sponsor six people like you did in Month One. They are now your two business builders needed for you to qualify for the Team Bonus of $500.00 and your business builders will get the

Team Bonus of $100.00.

      6 people x $100 = 600 x 15% = $ 90.00 STAR PERFORMANCE BONUS

12 people x $100 = 1,200 x 25% = 300.00 YL MATCHING BONUS

Total Starter Bonuses                 $390.00

Team Manager Bonus                  500.00

Unilevel Commission                      45.00

(12x100x.025 = 30.00)                            

(6x100x.025 = 15.00)                              

Grand Total         $935.00

Month Three:

Support your two business builders to do what you did in Month Two!!

Now your Team Bonus will be $2000.00, your first level business builders will receive $500.00 and your second level business builders will get $100.00.

12 people x 100.00 = 1,200 x 15% =$180.00 YL MATCHING BONUS

Director Bonus                          $2,000.00

Unilevel Commission                     120.00

(6x100x5% =30.00                                    



Grand Total $ 2,300.00

Months 4-12 – carry on @ $2,300.00/month

YEARLY TOTAL              $24,200.00

This total is funds earned by the BONUS PROGRAM. It only took 6 people sponsored by you and 42 people being active as either business builders or product users in your team.

In Conclusion:

     Your yearly income will be even higher because some people will buy more products than $100.00 per month, thus higher unilevel commissions for you. Also, people will buy as preferred and retail customers to add to your income and these methods also include Bonus Programs. PLUS, as you rise in the ranks of the company, you will earn more. Furthermore, if people join with a

Start Living Kit, you will receive a Starter Kit Bonus of $25.00 for each kit.

In addition, you earn points on the Autoship Essential Rewards Program which can be cashed in for free product!!!

     With your Young Living $1,240.00 yearly investment, you are also buying product to maintain your health while at the same time increasing your income. A definite Win-Win situation!!

All this with NO employees, NO Boss, NO Inventory!!!